Bangladesh-Poland Bilateral Relations


Relations between Bangladesh and Poland have always been friendly. Poland supported Bangladesh during Bangladesh’s War of Liberation in 1971 and was one of the very first European countries to accord recognition to independent Bangladesh on 12 January 1972. Poland extended help and support to Bangladesh in rehabilitating the war-ravaged economy of Bangladesh and supported Bangladesh’s entry in the United Nations and membership into various international organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations. Bangladesh supported Poland in similar cases on various occasions. Immediately after the independence of Bangladesh, as a token gesture of support, Poland offered a few scholarships to Bangladeshi students for studying in Poland. Some young students took advantage of the scheme, studied here and eventually migrated to Poland. Most of them later got established in Poland and formed the very seed of Bangladeshi community here. After Poland’s integration with the EU, the bilateral relations between the two countries are maintained basically within the orbit of the EU and other multilateral fora. The one-to-one relationship mainly deals with trade and consular issues. 

Opening of Missions:

Pakistan Ambassador to Poland had declared his allegiance to independent Bangladesh on 21 December 1971, and informed the Polish government that he would represent the independent Bangladesh. It was followed by the formal opening of Bangladesh Embassy in Warsaw on 04 March 1972. Poland established resident Mission in Dhaka in March 1972 at Ambassadorial level. However, Bangladesh closed the Embassy in Warsaw in September 2002 and Poland closed its Embassy in Dhaka in 2005. After a gap of twelve and half years, Bangladesh reopened its diplomatic mission in Warsaw on 10 April 2015. When Bangladesh Ambassador presented his credentials on 21 June 2015, the Polish President commented that it would only be natural that the Polish side reciprocated by opening its Embassy in Dhaka.